Wisconsin Water Week Virtual Opportunities woman using laptop to interact with others - photo by Andrea Piacquadio from Pexels

Virtual Opportunities

We have Virtual Opportunities

There are several virtual opportunities for folks to connect during Wisconsin Water Week. 

Read a quick synopsis of these options in the dropdown lists below. 

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Virtual Events

Online Resources

Full YouTube Playlist

View a couple of presentations from the 2022 Wisconsin Lakes and Rivers Convention along with the Keynote speaker, Charlie Wooley, and video montage highlighting why we love our waters.

This webinar series is designed for members of lake associations and lake districts, or folks who are thinking about becoming a member or forming one of these groups, or interested in the topics provided.

Full YouTube Playlist
View more than 50 recorded sessions from the 2020 Wisconsin Lakes and Rivers Convention, that was pivoted from an in-person gathering to an online learning event.