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Spread the love of water by spreading the word about the Wisconsin Lakes and Rivers Convention!

Let your friends, family, neighbors, and co-workers know about this event by printing and displaying a poster, handing out event cards, including our “advertisement” in your newsletter or on your website, emailing an electronic postcard, sharing the Facebook ad on your wall, inviting folks via our Facebook Event, adding an image to your email signature, or sending a news release to your local media outlets.



Event Card

There are 4 per sheet (pdf) – Just download, print back-to-back, and cut.


8.5×11 inch (PDF)

11×17 inch (PDF)


News Release

Share this news release with your local news outlets for use in print or online. Download the Word version and add specifics about the work you’re doing locally, or download the PDF and share it to help us get the word out! 

Email Postcard

Copy and paste this image to an email and invite individuals and groups you think would be interested. Don’t forget to link the image to wisconsinwaterweek.org

Print/Web Advertisement

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Social Media

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Facebook Event

Link to our Facebook event page​: Wisconsin Lakes and Rivers Convention: Protecting What We Love for the Future

Email Signature Image

Add this image to your email signature and link the image to the Wisconsin Lakes and Rivers Convention page: https://wisconsinwaterweek.org/home/lakes-and-rivers-convention/