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Photo Contest

We switched it up a bit this year for the Lakes & Rivers Photo Contest and asked you to submit photos that answer the question: “Why do we need healthy lakes and rivers?” 

These photos helped adorn the walls at the 2023 Wisconsin Lakes and Rivers Convention, April 19-21, at the Holiday Inn and Convention Center in Stevens Point. They will soon be available in an album on our Facebook page (or take a look at the video here).

Check back for information about the 2024 Photo Contest.

Questions? Please contact Amy Kowalski at amy.kowalski@uwsp.edu or 715-346-4744

  1. Why do we need healthy lakes and rivers? We’re asking you to use your creative expression through photography to show us your answer to this question.

You may submit a maximum of TWO entries per individual.
There is a special award for the best BEFORE/AFTER image.

  1. The contest is open to anyone. (Photos that have already received an award in this contest may not be re-entered.)
  2. Photos must be taken in or near Wisconsin.
  3. You must complete a separate entry form for each photo (Maximum of 2). You will be asked to sign in to Google. If you do not have a Google login/password, you will be asked to create one.
  4. Image file size must be at least 3 MB in order to print clearly on our 13×19 paper (your normal 4×6 dimension, high-resolution image will fit nicely on this paper). To find the file size in Windows, right click on the image in your File Explorer and choose “properties.” On a MAC, go to Finder and right click on the image and choose “Get info.”
  5. Edits or enhancements with photo editing software are allowed and encouraged to make your image the best it can be.
  6. The Wisconsin Lakes Partnership reserves the right to use any image entered in the contest, for non-commercial educational or promotional use, with attribution to the photographer. For example, prints may be created for a traveling display that promotes the lakes partnership, used in a publication, or by a lake or river organization.

Photos will be judged by a 3-member panel. Criteria for judging includes visual impact, technical merit, and composition.

In addition, there will be a winner of the popular vote based on votes from attendees at the in-person event.

At their discretion, judges may award first, second, and third place, as well as honorable mentions.
  • 1st Place: $100
  • 2nd Place: $50
  • 3rd Place: $25
  • Best BEFORE/AFTER image: $100
  • Honorable Mention: Ribbon
  • Popular vote (chosen by convention attendees): Ribbon

2022 Photo Contest Winners

Natural Features In and Around Lakes and Rivers or Underwater
(2022 Honorable Mentions)

Birch Lake Sunset (Birch Lake, Oneida County) by Ted J Rulseh

Double Rainbow, Double Fun! (Bass Lake, Oneida County) by Bob Kirschner

Season Change (1st Black Lake, Iron County) by Tom Tesch

People Enjoying Lakes and Rivers
(2022 Honorable Mentions)

Colorful Touchdown! (Kusel Lake, Waushara County) by Alan Rueutten

Lake Jump with Grandpa (George Lake, Oneida County) by Robert McVety

Learning to Row (George Lake, Oneida County) by Robert McVety

Pyramid with Pops (George Lake, Oneida County) by Hannah Nalls

Bullfrog (George Lake, Oneida County) by Pam McVety

American Pride on Lower Long Lake (New Auburn, WI, Chippewa County)

Cabin Vibes (Pardee Lake, Vilas County) by Lauren Kaduk

2021 Photo Contest Winners

Natural Features In and Around Lakes and Rivers or Underwater
(2021 Honorable Mentions)

Lakeshore Heron (Lower Long Lake, Chippewa County) by Beth Moos

November Surprise (Wild Rice Lake, Vilas County) by Bob Kovar

Lunch* (Lynx Lake, Vilas County) by Guy Carter
*Also received People’s Choice Award

Looking Good (Sparkling Lake, Vilas County) by J.H. Arnold

Point Of Majesty (Wisconsin River, Portage County) by Jeff Ledger

Winter Reflection (Lake Winnebago, High Cliff State Park) by Kami Healey

Bluegill (Fountain Lake, WI) by Mark Burns

Tomorrow River Sunset (Tomorrow River, Portage County) by Noah Eschenbauch

Wishing For Fish (Hawk Lake, Oneida County) by Stephanie Boismenue

Pelican Whisperer (Fox River, Brown County) by Steven Lepak

Piles Of Sheet Ice Breaking On the Pier (Lake Michigan, Sheboygan County) by Titus Seilheimer

People Enjoying Lakes and Rivers
(2021 Honorable Mentions)

Summer Water Games (Lower Long Lake, Chippewa County) by Beth Moos

Fall Reflections (Peppermill Lake, Adams County) by Kami Healey

Morning Yoga (Lake Michigan-Big Bay Park, Milwaukee County) by Kristine Hinrichs

Always Use Extra Spotters (Bone Lake, Polk County) by Laura Neve

Hold My Root Beer (Muskellunge Lake, Lincoln County) by Linda Grenzer

Hazel’s First Fish (Lake Eau Claire, Eau Claire County) by Robin Walsh

“Quietude” (Trout Springs, Vilas County) by Stephanie Boismenue

2019 Lakes and Rivers Convention Photo Contest Entries (Facebook Album)

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