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Get Your App Together!

As we plan this in-person event, we want to take advantage of technology to improve your experience, so we are using the EventMobi App.

You can choose to utilize the app as much as you want, or not at all. If you would like to walk through the app, CLICK HERE for a video tutorial.

Attending In Person?

If you’re planning to join us in-person and want to utilize the app on your mobile device, you’ll need to download it through Google Play or the App Store. Once downloaded, follow the instructions below: Login to the Event.

Attending Virtually?

If you’re planning to join us virtually, you’ll most likely be using your computer or laptop to join the virtual presentations. If this is the case, you do not need to download the EventMobi app, you will be able to join virtual sessions directly from the EventMobi website (as long as you are registered). Go to Wisconsin Lakes and Rivers Convention Event Space (eventmobi.com) to get started! See the section below for instructions on how to Login to the Event.

For those who downloaded the app onto a device: Once you’ve downloaded the EventMobi App, search for the event using the Event Code: WLRC2023. Once you find the event, you’ll click “Launch Event”.

For everyone: Log in using the same credentials you used when registering. The app will send you an email which you’ll need to confirm before you’re able to enter the event space.

Note: If the app doesn’t open on your device, close the app and reopen it.

Once you’re logged into the event, click the three horizontal lines in the upper left corner to view the menu. If there is a red dot (like in the picture here), make sure to click on “Update Now” in the menu.

Check out the event space and:

  1. Browse the agenda – read the titles and descriptions to become familiar with the schedule.
  2. Add sessions to your personal agenda which helps you plan your day(s) ahead of time and allows you to easily find the sessions you want to attend.
  3. Browse the sponsors’ and exhibitors’ virtual exhibits.
  4. Reach out to speakers and exhibitors with questions.
  5. Network with other attendees.
  6. View the posters electronically (this is great for our virtual participants).
  7. Learn more about the Lake Stewardship Award Winners and send them a congratulations.
  8. View the Photo Contest images (again, great for our virtual participants).
  9. Complete challenges and earn points for cool prizes.

Questions? Please don’t hesitate to ask. Email us at wiwaterweek@wisconsinlakes.org.

Having an app, such as EventMobi, provides many benefits (even at an in-person event), including being able to: 

  1. Access the agenda via your phone or other device and plan your sessions by marking them as favorites. This is similar to circling the sessions you want to attend in a printed program.
  2. Save paper, ink, and time (and water) during the printing of programs.
  3. Connect directly with speakers, exhibitors, and sponsors by sending messages, asking questions, and setting up meetings.
  4. Receive shared materials from presenters such as PDFs, PowerPoint presentations, and other handouts. You’ll have access to these materials later and can save them to your computer for future use.
  5. Participate virtually in parts of the Convention. We are planning two rooms of concurrent sessions that will be accessible via the app as well as in-person.
  6. Transition smoothly to a totally virtual event, if needed. Although we don’t want to have another completely virtual Convention, this app allows us to quickly pivot to an all-online event if the public health crisis makes it impossible for us to meet in-person.